Our Leadership

Who are we?

John and Marsha Boyonowski
Pastor and Pastor’s Wife

Pastor and wife

“I have always had a passion for youth. My various vocations and ministries revolved around helping youth. Growing up with the struggles I had as a youth, God placed in me a passion to help youth from broken homes and lives; to let them know that someone loves them and finds them precious, that their lives matter and that they matter to God and the world around them. I want to impart vision that the youth have the gifts and talents to rise above whatever their circumstances are to become whatever God has placed on their heart and that they are loveable.
      At a young age, God sent people to encourage me when I could have easily walked down a very wrong path for my life. My brother Dave helped model for me what God could do in a life that was broken and through that example, I thirsted for God. Not having a strong spiritual background from my parents, God provided mentors and leaders who lived out what a Christian impact could have on a boy. I now work to do the same for the youth of today.
      My vision for TRUTH Youth Group is simple: to let them design the group into what God has called them to be and to equip them with the guidance, resources and desire needed to accomplish their dream for serving and growing in the love of Christ. I want to empower them to see their potential in their walk and on this earth. I want to encourage realistic goals and dreams to help them become the men and women of Christ they are called to become. I want to help train them to reach out to the world around them to help the last, the least and the lost; to know EVERYONE is precious to God. I want to bring them up in loving more and judging less, to forgive more than they hold grudges with, and to be able to heal more than they hurt. I want them to enjoy their youth: to embrace joy laughter and fun. I long for them to see how God and Jesus are more than just swear words but that they, through the Holy Spirit, are the lifelines to not only eternal life, but life here on earth. By giving the youth the ability to design their group, they learn to find the answers they are looking for because they are asking the questions; not what we as adults think they want to know. We make an impact on their lives because they let us into their lives.



Youth Leader
God put it on my heart to help be a leader of this youth group. I love seeing their faces light up with the love of Jesus and being a family of God. This youth group has so much to give to our community as well as our church. It is very inspiring to see them grow into young adults with a firm base in God. Their love for Christ is seen in their lives. God has blessed me through this ministry.

My favorite Bible story is Jesus walking on water, found in the book of Matthew. It is always a reminder to keep my eyes on Jesus and I will not sink when it seems so overwhelming. When I say ‘Lord save me!’, Jesus replies ‘You of little faith, why did you doubt?’ I don’t doubt . Keep your eyes on Jesus!


I am Beth and I am a youth group leader in the TRUTH Youth Group at PLUM church. I volunteered to be a leader because of the joy I experienced as a youth learning about Christ and I wanted to pass it on.

One of my favorite stories is the Woman at the Well found in the book of John. It teaches us that He loves us all, no matter what we have done in our past. God has blessed my life with His light. He has given me a wonderful family, wonderful church, and a great country in which to live. I know that God is leading our youth group to shine God’s light in our community and our world.