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Outreach Ministries

Bringing Jesus to the forefront...

Outreach Ministries

Here at PLUM Church we hope to restore and provide opportunities for people to come to know the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior.  We have partnered with the community in order to provide faith into action throughout our hometowns, schools, correctional facilities, and neighborhoods.

We recognize that Jesus is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit and we are called to be His representatives in our neighborhoods and communities.  We will strive to share His Word with those that have not heard or refuse to accept, but not by condemnation, rather in Love and Peace that passes understanding.  We will live in accordance to the Word of the Lord in both our personal and professional lives to show that we are who we say we are through our actions.

Pastoral Counseling 

Pleasant Lake United Methodist Church offers pastoral counseling for those who are looking for someone to listen. Pastor John graduated from Taylor University Ft. Wayne with a degree in Pastoral Ministries and Pastoral Counseling. He has also worked and has experiences in various mental health facilities such as Association of Retarded Citizens, the Bowen Center to name a few.

If Pastor John believes the situation is beyond his skills, he will refer you to someone more qualified in that area. All counseling is confidential; with the exceptions of abuse or other legal issues. If you wish to speak to Pastor John, please contact the church office for scheduling.

Pastoral Visitation

Pastoral visitation is provided for individuals who are home-bound, hospitalized, or wish to speak in their own place. If an emergency arises and you seek pastoral assistance, please contact the church office. Please understand: the only way Pastor John can help you is to let him know about the need.

Pleasant Lake United Methodist Church Food Bank

Distribution day is every Thursday from 11:30-2:00. People begin to line up at 10:30 and doors open at 11:00. The farm wagon arrives between 11:00 and 11:30 and distribution begins at 11:30.

The food bank is a ministry of the church and is supported by several other churches and local programs. We purchase food from the Community Harvest Food Bank for only $.19 per pound so our donations are able to stretch a long way.

Besides the food that is purchased, we also receive a farm wagon that comes to the food bank the day that we are open that brings fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery products and a variety of dairy products. Along with the farm wagon, we also receive commodities which are government subsidies which range from canned fruits and vegetables to frozen meats. Clients are eligible for all of these products that are available on our distribution day.

Clients need to bring a piece of mail with their current address on it. We prefer that the clients are from Steuben County but we do not turn anyone away. If you are searching for a food bank, please look on the list of other food banks to see if there is one that is closer to you.

We offer other services than just food. We have information for other ministries, programs, as well as offer clothing. We are connected with another church ministry with a large clothing ministry that gives us clothes to put out for clients to browse through as well as a form that they can fill out if there are some specific needs or sizes that are not offered. Other items such as bedding, towels and household items are available too.

Food Bank Contributors

Pleasant Lake United Methodist Church Barker’s Chapel
Pleasant Lake Mennonite Church Ashley United Methodist Church
Mount Zion United Methodist Church Hamilton United Methodist Church
Alvarado United Methodist Church Hudson United Methodist Church
Steury Builders Farmers and Hunters Feeding America
REMC round-up program Steuben County Community Foundation
Farmers State Bank Individual Contributors 
Heavenly Breads and Sweets


Jail Ministry

     Pleasant Lake UMC (PLUM) has been involved in the Steuben County Jail Ministry for over 6 years. Working with Chaplain Gayle Fisher, along with other area churches, it is the goal of this unique ministry team to bring the inmates, confinement officers, and all others closer to God. We feel it is important that we not focus only on the inmate population because the officers and other workers in the Steuben County Jail also face dangerous situations (physically, mentally, emotionally, and indeed spiritually) on an on-going basis.

     For several years, Pastor John Boyanowski and Paul Caszatt led three services on two of the four Sundays per month. Along with that, both would work side by side with Chaplain Gayle to develop and lead programs in the jail system. Pastor John and Paul were a small part of a great team under the leadership of Chaplain Gayle.

     Many people do not think that inmates could or want to change. However, there are a great many who do desire to change; but have no one there to assist or guide them in the right direction. We seek to be a light to guide. We desire to restore those who want a second chance. These are people who have lost everything in many cases. (Yes, it is true that it was their choice for doing what they did; however, we are called to follow in the steps of Christ and attempt to restore that which we can.)

     Currently, the Jail ministry is being reprised and restructured. Paul has moved on to different ministries and we thank his for his service to this ministry. If you are looking to serve in some capacity, please contact Pastor John and set up a meeting to discuss where you might fit in. There are certain restrictions and guidelines, which Pastor John can discuss with you in depth. You can help a person incarcerated to be restored to not only the public at large, but with their spiritual journey as well!