Simply Put

Welcome to Simply Put. Simply Put is our video devotionals that take a verse or two from the Bible and the presenter’s thoughts on that passage. The presenters are friends and family of PLUM Church. It is our hope that you will gain the desire to read the Bible for yourself and to engage in prayer during your devotional time.

     We understand that in today’s day and age that time is precious. Simply Put is developed for those who seek to have the Bible shared in media form. Each clip last between three to five minutes in length. As you view these clips, we invite you to follow along in your Bibles and encourage you to read beyond the passages being presented. What this means is that to gain full understanding of these Scriptures, reading the verses before and after the shared passages in the clips helps to give you the settings and situations of the text. In some of these clips, our youth will share their favorite Bible story. In these cases, you will be directed to the Biblical passage from which they come from.

     We encourage you to attend the church of your choice in your area. These clips should not take the place of church attendance. Worshipping in a church community helps you to grow in wisdom and fellowship. Through the church, you can enjoy Bible studies with others, develop healthy relationships with people, develop your desired callings and have a place you can call “home”; that wonderful place that enjoys you being there.

     Thank you for viewing Simply Put. May God bless you in your quest to gain understanding of the Bible and your relationship with God. May the Holy Spirit give you wisdom and peace.