For there is no distinction: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,  and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith. This was to show God’s righteousness, because in his divine forbearance he had passed over former sins. Romans 3: 22-25; ESV

Humanity; a species which was ordained by God to rule over the earth and to work it to the glory of God. Instead, man has created an environment which leads to the destruction of what God created as good. Is this something to believe? Some would say yes, while others would say no. I could easily point this article in the direction of how; given the current events of the world as they are today, man is going to the farthest end of depravity and is showing God that we are a lost cause. However (and I love this word because it changes direction for us), I could also focus on the latter part of the Scripture provided and share what God does to help keep us unto Himself. I choose to focus on the latter. Here’s my reasoning…

It is a fact, whether we accept it or not, ALL have sinned. The greatest music idols, the mightiest athletes, the most powerful world leaders, and even the most inspirational religious leaders have sin in their lives. No matter what our accomplishments are, how generous we are with our gifts and talents, or how much time we do good for humanity, every one of us has sin. Even if I were to come up with a plan for world peace and make it happen, it still wouldn’t make it easier to enter God’s presence. My salvation, my justification and my sanctification all are a gift from God alone. I can’t earn them, buy them, trade for them or ever achieve them by my own means. You also can’t do it on your own. These are gifts from God to all who will receive them. And when I say all who will receive them, I mean ALL; no sinner is beyond God’s love and ability to save. All of humanity has the same chance to come to God and confess their sins and repent from them. And even if they don’t come and seek forgiveness, God still loves them. Does this mean He (God) will forgive them anyway? No; it simply means He continues to love them. But God’s love will not spare us our heart’s desire. And if we choose to be friends of the world and enemies of God, He will never force Himself upon our will and He will allow us to remain separated for eternity, should we die before we confess and accept Him as our true God and accept the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Read the Scripture provided: what do you see? We see man as sinful creatures attempting to connect with God. Because of our sins, we can’t expect a sinless and perfect God to even want to have audience with us; let alone to love us as He does. However (and there’s my word), His love for us caused Him to sacrifice His Son Jesus to restore and rebuild the way for God and humanity to re-establish their relationship with one another. Jesus is God’s gift of love to humanity to embrace. Should man reject this gift, well, only hell remains: both the physical place described in the Bible and the hell of being separated from the greatest love there is – God.



The state of humanity tries to say we don’t need God for righteousness sake. We can (and do) say what is sinful and what is acceptable. Our judgment is right because of our power, influence, social status, and the people we associate ourselves with. And we would be fools to believe such follies! This mindset only proves the sinfulness man possesses! Look around in the world and tell me that man has a grasp of what righteousness and love!!

If the state of humanity could only see the importance of having the One True God in their lives and how it could easily bring peace, forgiveness, restoration and unity, this world would be a far greater place to live with fewer conflicts! ISIS, the Ukraine situation, North Korea threats, the injustices here in the US all prove humanity’s approach to righteousness is blinded and wrong! Is there any way to justify the hatred we have??!

The only reason why, I personally believe, we are in the shape we are in as humanity is because we are constantly placing God outside of our lives and replacing Him with selfish desires and dreams. We want to have communion with God; but only on our time and in our terms. We want everything this world offers and to get it for ourselves; we don’t care about how we get it as long as we get it. We want to have the relationship with God; but only when it accommodates our needs and not His. We want God to freely give and yet we refuse to give back unto Him (I am not just talking tithes, but also service or, for that fact, developing a personal and intimate relationship with God!).


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Yes, there are those who truly seek and have personal and intimate relationships with God; of which I like to consider myself among those people. This is to those who walk on the fence of that personal relationship with Him but also desire the world’s relationship, for those who are completely worldly, and for those who say God does not exist. Just because you choose not to believe it doesn’t make it any less true! Where do you stand? With God or with the world; there is no other choice! God has already done His best for us!